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How to Adjust Your B2B Sales Strategies in the Time of COVID

How to Adjust Your B2B Sales Strategies in the Time of COVID

Now that B2B buyers are re-emerging and ready to get back into business, there is no better time to re-evaluate your sales structures and strategies. Though the pandemic is far from over, companies must recoup from the lowest points of economic uncertainty. Keep your B2B lead generation efforts from suffering by taking note of the following tips. 

  • Be Proactive with Customer Outreach

Time to put your inbound marketing strategies to the side in favour of more proactive efforts. Develop a comprehensive approach to customer outreach, such as cold calling, email marketing, and direct mail. 


Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals from satisfied customers who are more than willing to put in a good word for you. Ask team members to exhaust personal networks and pinpoint where your potential customers are. 


Don’t ignore search engine marketing, social media, and PPC ads. While they are a form of inbound marketing, they can still make an impact on your sales funnel. 

  • Develop a Robust and Consistent Process

When sales are looking positive, B2B strategists tend to become complacent. Now that post-COVID efforts are becoming increasingly competitive, now isn’t the time to improvise your sales process. 


When facilitating a consumer’s journey, think about each stage from start to finish. A streamlined process might look like the following: 


  • Discovery stage
  • Preliminary discussion
  • Product demonstration
  • Stakeholder conversation
  • ROI calculation
  • Interfacing with decision-makers
  • Closing the deal


While your sales process isn’t going to remain identical throughout your business’ life-cycle, pinpointing key stages can help align your strategies. Manage your expectations. Some customers will spend more time on one step than others. So long as you’re maximising your efforts and getting them ready to buy, it shouldn’t hurt to linger a little longer than usual. 

  • Revisit Cold Sales Leads

Just because you’ve “lost” a sale doesn’t mean you can’t return to them at another point. If you have stagnant sales prospects in your funnel, don’t hesitate to check back with them. Even failed opportunities might be in a position to do business with you now. 


While some companies haven’t stopped spending, they might be shifting their priorities elsewhere. If so, skew your sales pitch to better suit what they need. 


Before reaching out to cold prospects, first, consider their unique concerns and how you fit into the conversation. Are your services relevant to them? If not, how can you align with their demands? 

  • Adapt as Much as Possible

Nowadays, the only constant in business is change. Thus, you’ll have to be prepared to meet continually fluctuating needs and demands. The B2B prospects you’re selling to are dealing with uncertainties just as much as you are—you’ll have to account for lots of unpredictability. 


Don’t allow competitors to acquire disgruntled customers. Always consider how you can offer services at a lower risk and cost without damaging your sales funnel. 




While a business “normal” may still be a long way off, revisiting your once-successful B2B lead generation strategies will only do you right in the long run. Despite uncertainties, the current economic climate is still providing unique opportunities for sales organisations. 


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