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3 Innovative Tools To Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign


3 Innovative Tools To Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign


Although 2020 has left us feeling downtrodden and utterly pessimistic, the new year offers a silver lining unlike any other. While the age of jet packs and time travel isn’t here yet, the circumstances these past few months have accelerated the boom of the digital age. As we approach another year, the list of technological advancements has undeniably gotten longer, ensuring that surviving brands and those who wish to start anew can rise from the rubbles.


Digital tools are now readily available to make work lives easier, such as automation, AI, and machine learning. As the forefront of most brands and corporations, the realm of marketing and advertising have been benefiting from these powerful innovations, ensuring that their clients enjoy better revenue streams, accelerated processes, and of course, better quality leads.


Lead generation continues to drive business growth all over the world, and these technologically-advanced strategies have been designed to help you find and convert better this year. Pay attention to the following top trends below:


Strategy #1: Online educational events 


Hosting online educational events may not seem like much, but these are sure to generate quality leads. Creating one with undeniable value is enough to attract the attention of various audiences, especially since people are completely interested in learning new skills. Months of quarantine lockdowns have shed light on the importance of growth and development, particularly when it comes to career progression. 


By coming up with valuable online courses or arranging webinars, you’ll be able to boost not only your lead generation strategies, but also amplify your reputation and credibility as an industry leader. Inviting prominent speakers can be a huge help, as with coming up with eye-catching invitations and posters to generate buzz. 


Strategy #2: A customer-centred marketing campaign 


A customer-centred marketing campaign may seem like another buzzword that can quickly fall out of trend, but it isn’t. It’s a strategy utilized by the biggest brands all over the world for years, which essentially focus on the target market’s wants and needs over everything else that may come into the picture. Although far from being novel, it’s gaining traction once more, topped with new creative ideas.


In a land ravaged by noise and competitive marketplaces, only the loudest and the fiercest brands will succeed. Those brands who know how to create customer-centred marketing campaigns have the edge, and this can support your lead generation funnels by targeting specific audiences you wish to convert. In doing so, you’ll gain better and more qualified leads, as opposed to gaining a huge volume that ends up disintegrating after. 


Strategy #3: Video goldmines 


Although blog posts remain crucial for the survival of websites, videos now dominate the digital landscape. More and more people choose to pay attention to video, and not just for viral dances and recipes. Video marketing has now become more prominent than ever, with customers engaging more and better with testimonials, product reviews, demonstrations, and other content. 


When it comes to the lead generation spectrum, videos can now be used to send personalized follow-up messages, personal brand building, and so much more! With the help of video marketing, lead generation can now increase the effectiveness of other marketing tools, including landing pages and 


Starting The Year Right With Quality Leads 


Although the world’s current state remains to be questionable, the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing. With vaccines and treatment plans in place, it’s only a matter of time that the world begins spinning once more. If your business continues to rely on effective lead generation tactics, you’ll want to boost them with the new and innovative tools. The aforementioned new developments are just some of the best! Whatever you adapt, know this—you’ll be winning for the years to come.


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