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4 Important Steps to Take After You Get B2B Qualified Leads


4 Important Steps to Take After You Get B2B Qualified Leads


B2B marketers’ main task is to attract ideal prospects to the website. It involves educating them and building their trust in the products and services the business provides. When trust is built, these prospects are encouraged to make contact with the brand in various ways. As soon as contact is established, you get a qualified lead. Now, what’s next? 


It’s vital you know what to do next when you get a qualified lead. After all, the process to get prospects there isn’t that easy. This is where the lead management process comes to play. 


Here’s what you should do to your B2B leads once they make contact: 

  • Make an In-Depth Lead Qualification


Although you already have a qualified lead in the sense that they have shown interest in your products or services, your sales team needs to do an in-depth qualification for each lead. Why? This is to ensure that the leads fit your general customer persona and other important considerations have to be made. 


Some considerations are if the lead is in the right industry, their target position, a need for your product or service, budget, realistic expectations, etc. 


Should you find that your leads aren’t anywhere close to your target, you need to review your inbound marketing strategies. It’s likely that there’s something about your messaging or targeting that must be changed. 

  • Provide a Timely Response


Responding in a timely manner is crucial. Therefore, once you get a website lead, it must be followed up within a certain period. In a B2B company, the sales team is responsible for this in which the prospect must be contacted within 30 minutes; reaching out to the prospect within the same day or the next business day is fine too. Failing to respond promptly will give your competitors a chance to snag your prospect. 

  • Follow Up on “Silent” Leads


Some leads will be silent; these are the ones that just disappear with no reason at all. In B2B lead marketing, that isn’t a lost cause; hence, lead nurturing comes in. Lead nurturing isn’t only about responding to form submissions and making follow-up questions. It’s also about actively following up with leads, even the ones that go silent. 


Keep in mind that your prospects are busy, too! Perhaps, they are juggling a lot of things. So, it is your job to remind them about you because they are interested. They wouldn’t reach out to your business if they aren’t, right? Use this opportunity to reach out but make sure you create a customised follow-up that can help them come out of their silent bubble. 

  • Get a Clear Conclusion


As a salesperson, you want to get a “yes” from your customer. So, the next step when you get leads is to get that yes. Continue with lead nurturing until you get that yes, or until you get that no. If you want to be successful in what you do, you need to always aim for clear conclusions. 




B2Bs require a lot of leads to build momentum towards success. Knowing what to do after qualified lead generation is as important as gaining leads. Therefore, spend time with your lead nurturing strategies to solidify lead conversions for more revenue. It won’t hurt to use other tools to support your lead generation and nurturing strategies. 


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