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How Marketing and Sales Work Together in a Business


How Marketing and Sales Work Together in a Business


Marketing and sales are often mistaken as having the same function. While their objective is to help keep a business running and grow its sales and income, the two have different functions and focus on different aspects of a company. If you want your business to effectively increase its sales, you need to acknowledge the value of these two aspects and make them work together to achieve your goal. 


Marketing and Sales: How to Make Them Work


The marketing department is in charge of all activities to capture people’s interest in your business, also known as prospect development. Using research and analysis, they study your market to understand your customers better and see what sparks their attention.


Meanwhile, sales is in charge of activities that will lead to selling your goods and services. This department is responsible for managing relationships with potential clients, including finding ways to convert them to sales. When it comes to business to business lead generation, the sales team takes care of it.


There is no better or more important team between the two. If they decide to collaborate, they will realise their potential to bring their business to a whole new level. The marketing and sales teams should have the same knowledge and understanding of their market. They need to gather enough customer insight and develop campaigns and strategies to attract the right people and nurture them until they become customers. 


Both require understanding various information based on the market, competition, current marketing landscape, lead generation data, and many other details. By studying these facts, they can develop a competent and comprehensive strategy to reach their respective goals. 


The Current Problem and Solution


To successfully build a profitable business, both teams need to transform their data into actionable insights. 


Because of the varied information that both business units generate, collecting and personalising it can be challenging. This can result in less accurate data analysis if not performed the right way. Here is where the Big Data initiative comes in. Big Data can handle all the types of data your system has, their disparate sources, and all your unstructured and semi-structured data.


Having a disparate legacy system, for example, can help you clean, compare, blend, filter, or consolidate data before you migrate them to their respective locations. It is the best solution for common data concerns, such as missing or duplicated data. Doing all these manually will take up a lot of time, but fortunately, a system can take care of this problem. 


Add to that the integration of all your data in external sources to ensure all your files’ safety. Combining the power of the two can contribute greatly to your business’s success. 




When marketing and sales work together, they can develop plans and take action to successfully bring a business to greater heights. Understanding their market better and developing excellent strategies from data analysis can help them reach their objectives. Having a marketing tool to speed up the process can also help improve their performance better. 

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